Transform Your Business with Real SEO Results – Free Trial Available!

Do you feel overwhelmed with all the information about SEO out there?

Have you tried buying and using some of the best keyword tools that you’ve heard of just to end up more confused?

Do you find it easy to get someone to write content for your business but equally difficult to use that content in a way that gets you RESULTS?

Or maybe you even have some traffic on your website, but the SALES and the CLIENTS that you hope to get are not coming in?

Now, if you answered Yes to any of these questions, it means, whatever you’ve been doing so far is nothing more than HOPE MARKETING!

It’s like you hear about a bunch of stuff about SEO and digital marketing, then you go all out and apply it to your business, and then you sit back and hope that it works.

You see, a lot of people out there are spending their time, their money, and their energy on search engine optimization stuff that’s not putting money in their pocket, EVEN if it gets them some traffic to their site.

My job here is to bring you traffic that MAKES YOU MONEY!

So, what I’m NOT going to do is have an automated robot just go and get you a ton of traffic, which MIGHT get you some views, but it’s not going to get you any business or money.

What I AM going to do is build a content strategy for your business.

This is how REAL SEO is done!

I’ll first build a content strategy for your business. Then, I’ll prepare all that content and publish it on your site and on all the other sites where it needs to be published to GET you the kind of SEARCH RANKINGS that you desire and deserve!

And what makes this all so perfect, extraordinary, and result-oriented is that all of this will be backed by data-based keyword research done using the top paid keyword tools that cost me no less than 399 dollars per month!

And not only that! The content that I’ll prepare for you, EVEN during your free trial period, requires me to fork out another 200 to 300 dollars out of my own money to pay for certain AI tools, plagiarism checkers, and AI detector tools.

But I’ll do it, to get you results before you pay me a single penny. 

The thing is, I understand that you’re busy, running your business, and you just want to see RESULTS.

Being a professional content writer for the past 7 years myself, I know and I realize that, after you get someone to write content for you, it feels quite like a burden to check it for plagiarism, check it for grammar, check it for keyword density, and these days you might also need to check it for AI detection.

But when you’re working with me, you don’t need to go all out, waste your money, and run the content through all these tools to check if it’s good enough to rank.

Why? Because you’ll be able to see it rank IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES.

What we’ll do is, at the end of your free trial period, we’ll get on a call again and I’ll ask you to google search the keywords that I got your site ranked for, and you’ll SEE FOR YOURSELF, on your own computer, in front of your own eyes, how your site is ranking on google!

After that, you can either choose to hire me on a monthly retainer and see your rankings continue to improve and your business continue to grow every single month, or you can walk away with a smile and a little thank you note that’ll cost you $0.  

Now! If you want to sign up for the free trial, HURRY UP! Because once my plate is full, I might need to turn off the free trial option, which is PROBABLY going to happen within the next 2 months.

So I’ll get in touch with you once you sign up, and until then, I wish you happy MARKETING, happy CONTENT WRITING, and happy search engine optimizing!